Commercial Glass and Glazing

We provide professional and quality installation for a multitude
of commercial

  • Storefront
  • Curtain Wall 
  • Light Beacons
  • Entrance Doors
  • Glass Railing Systems
  • Heavy Glass Doors
  • Pre-Glazed Windows
  • Sneezeguards
  • ByPass Sliders 

  • High performance glass: whether it is Low-E or Heat Mirror,
    not only provides energy efficiency and utility savings in the long run,
    but as a result of the improved efficiency, can save the customer money
    initially by the ability to down size the HVAC system. In addition,
    the customer will also receive financial benefit from the improved
    human comfort resulting in improved employee productivity.

    Our insulated glass units also come with a variety of other
    Laminated glass, for example can be incorporated to help with
    sound attenuation and for security purposes. Of course any of
    our units can incorporate tempered safety glass.
    For security control we offer laminated, bullet resistant
    and impact resistant glass.

    Custom brake metal
    trim and shapes are often fabricated in-house
    for quicker delivery. 


               We specialize in custom designs and specifications and are
          constantly looking for ways to reduce outsourcing in an effort to
                                      expedite all projects!
                   RESIDENTIAL: 919-779-4599

                   COMMERCIAL: 919-771-0200
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